18 (jul 22) 𒌩

cis (she/her) 𒌩

ace lesbian 𒌩

white 𒌩

jewish 𒌩

𒌩 INFJ (Ni-Ti)

𒌩 5w4

𒌩 ♋︎♑︎♑︎



hi every1!! *holds up spork* my name is sara ^__^

i dont really know what to say about myself much because i find it hard to describe myself since im sort of paradoxical.........

they call me AAA battery cuz i have autism, ADD and anxiety 👊😔

i'm currently studying psychology and am going to major in biopsychology


  • psychology

  • biology

  • art in general (drawing, writing, music)

  • video games

  • mbti & cognitive functions

  • psychedelic stuff

  • vintage web

  • 2008-2010 nostalgia

  • aliens, ai, and cyborgs

  • colorful gothic art style

  • body horror, surreal horror, and psychological horror

  • theatrical, weird, trippy, experimental, dark, new wave and/or post-punk underground 80s music


  • mother series (mother 3!)

  • invader zim

  • the venture bros.

  • pokémon

  • animal crossing

  • the legend of zelda

  • splatoon

  • super smash bros

  • dorohedoro

  • jojo's bizarre adventure

  • mob psycho 100

  • vocaloid (2008-2012 / V2 era)

  • homestuck*

  • twin peaks & david lynch stuff

  • vinesauce

* mostly memories, not the friendsim or epilogue

i am critical of all my interests!

cOmFoRT ChAractERS

FAvorite gaMEs

here are my favorite games, be it due to nostalgia, soundtrack or just loving them altogether.

  • pokémon mystery dungeon: explorers of sky

  • mother 3

  • pokémon black / white & pokémon black 2 / white 2

  • splatoon / splatoon 2

  • legend of zelda: breath of the wild

  • super mario sunshine

  • pokémon heartgold / soulsilver

  • super smash bros. brawl

  • kirby air ride

  • animal crossing: new leaf

  • undertale / deltarune

FAvorite mUsIC

i love weird, psychedelic, theatrical sort of stuff, gothy 80s new wave/post punk and experimental avant-garde industrial. here's my favorite musical artists i'm listening to currently! bolded are currently big faves.

as of january 10th 2020 i finally connected my to spotify after it sat for 5 years

  • oingo boingo

  • cardiacs

  • animal collective

  • dan deacon

  • squid lid

  • creature feature

  • lemon demon

  • wall of voodoo

  • coil

  • the legendary pink dots

  • the monsoon bassoon

  • shriekback

  • fad gadget

  • swans

  • cabaret voltaire

  • nurse with wound

  • bauhaus

  • virgin prunes

  • magazine

  • echo & the bunnymen

  • tubeway army / gary numan

  • the residents


DOn't folLOw mE iF...

  • you meet any of the standard dfi criteria (racist, homophobic, transphobic, antisemitic, pedophilie, terf, transmed)

  • you ship problematic stuff such as—but not limited to—incest, noncon, pedophilia, etc

  • you're an anti-anti/"fujoshi"

  • you are primarily an explicit nsfw account

  • you frequently engage in petty discourse (this is a broad expression but major examples are callouts on minors, harassment, and cyberstalking)

  • you hatefollow

  • you’re under 15

thIngS TO knoW

  • i may post and retweet/reblog creepy horror stuff and i don't tag them. if you are sensitive to body horror, surreal horror, or uncanny things, follow at your own risk or don’t follow at all.

  • i also draw surreal horror and sometimes body horror. i find exploring the macabre fascinating and cathartic. it's not for everyone and that's fine.

  • please let me know privately if i did something bad. i'm always well-intentioned in what i say but sometimes it can be taken the wrong way.

  • i don't engage in ace discourse; it hurts me as an ace lesbian.